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About Me

Who, what and why am I
A lucky person who is learning to live and let live

I grew up in Attappady, Palakkad, Kerala, on the Western Ghats. My parents believe that education is the practice of life. They selected a dying out, barren watershed for building their dream of a rural university. They wanted to find solutions for water scarcity, soil erosion, environmental destruction and so on. They protected the watershed and nature regenerated a small patch of forest and the small water source. With some simple techniques, they regenerated the soil too. I grew up amidst this regeneration activities.

My education was about ‘taking’ for my existence and ‘leaving’ for others’ existence. Natural farming, cooking, building mud checkdams, making traditional huts, knowing more about plants and animals, learning local technology, health, etc. were part of my life and education. Sarang is the name of the alternative school that my parents started (The rural university still remains 
a dream) Visit to know more about the school.

Anuradha joined me in 2008. We have three children; Hiranya, Parthan and Chinmayi.

Currently, we are trying to realize the rural university with whatever resource we can gather. My web development work and Anuradha’s translation work bring in the funds for the rural university in making. It’s a very slow process, but we are progressing one step at a time. There are also many people helping us in this mission, mostly by volunteering with us.

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