December 24, 2014

About me

I grew up in Attappady, on the Western Ghats. My parents believe that education is the practice of life. They selected a dying out, barren watershed for building their dream of a rural university. They wanted to find solutions for water scarcity, soil erosion, environmental destruction and so on. They protected the watershed and nature regenerated a small patch of forest and the small water source. With some simple techniques, they regenerated the soil too. I grew up amidst this regeneration activities.

My education was about ‘taking’ for my existence and ‘leaving’ for others’ existence. Natural farming, cooking, building mud checkdams, making traditional huts, knowing more about plants and animals, learning local technology, health, etc. were part of my life and education. Sarang is the name of the alternative school that my parents started (The rural university still remains 
a dream) Visit to know more about the school.
Anuradha joined me in 2008. We have two children; Hiranya and Parthan.

Currently we are trying to realize the rural university with whatever resource we can gather. My freelance web development work and Anuradha’s translation work bring in the funds for the rural university in making. It’s a very slow process, but we are progressing one step at a time. There are also many people helping us in this mission, mostly by volunteering with us.

9 thoughts on “About me

  • Brother, i am 23 year old, civil engineering graduate. i am writing this to you, because, i am very much glad by knowing about you. i got informed about you by one of my friend right now. i was thinking for a long time, like your parents did. but there was lots of questions came into my mind, to which i have no answer within me, because i am thinking about an entirely different condition of life about which i know little. but when i read about you, i had all my answers. RESPECT to your parents GOPALAKRISHNAN SIR and VIJAYALAKSHMI TEACHER. i know there are more, like your parents who were trying to made good changes to this society, not through there words but through there life. RESPECT to all.

  • Dear Gautham,

    writing to you from the busiest city Mumbai… just moved in here few months back but before that always lived a life close to nature art and travel. I will be happy to assist and associate with you in your plans.
    I was looking for a real education system for my son as well who is now 4 years old. Unfortunately today’s family structure do not allow me to put him completely in the way i wanted but still wish him to get the real experience in life.
    Will be happy to act as a resource person in areas like travel, destination in India etc when ever i am in Kerala

    Feel free to be in touch

    Amal Senan

    • Will you be interested in the workshops that we conduct to help parents in bringing up their kids? If so, please be in touch. Anyways, thank you for dropping by. 🙂

  • I read about you,your parents,and sarang in the new edition of mathrubhumi weekly…
    its really inspiring and i believe sarang is an extra ordinary venture..and everything about it ,about you,your thoughts and ideas are really relevant today..
    i wanted to contact you through email ..but i just couldnt get it ..thats why iam commenting through this space ..if its ok can i get your email id.

  • been in search of an alternate system since i realised what has become of me after going thru the same tunnel ,that majority believe the passage to …… and since majority was and is always wrong, i really need to connect the dots thru the other side of the mainstream . Sarang , i feel is That. My regards to both of you, Gautham & Anuradha!!!!
    i stay at Ernakulam. work in LIC. do let me know of your plans to realise that dream and i would like to pitch in whichever way you prefer. and am just 10 clicks away 9447133358.


  • whatever your parents taught you , you learned from nature , still learning from the nature is just right. I live in a different country. Half of the knowledge we were forced to learn in the childhood are happen to abandon in between and it was total waste of time and nerve wracking . I am a writer. Thinking about writing an article about this beautiful subject. I was always curios about what was the recent status on your university. Good see your happy family . I work in labor in delivery . Trust me , in western countries we are going backwards and telling people that ” labor is a natural physiological phenomenon” all the best for your dream come true

  • Visiting you is our long time wish…

    Would like to meet you as well as your parents…

    called your number out of reach. What is number of Gopalakrishnan sir. Are they still in
    Kongad ? Saw their interview in mathrubhumi some time back and also heard their talk
    in akashavani. Read their book long ago… want to meet them

    Vijayakumari & Balakrishnan

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