API Days Paris 2019

Look at the following sentence from the mail I received!

Because our sponsors have expressed a strong interest in your profile (senior technical and business roles with a play in the API economy) and we think you’d be a great fit for our attendees, we’d like to invite you as our guest and are comping your ticket (value of 950€+). RSVP by clicking here or with code “(code hidden)” at checkout.

Last year I was employed in FactorDaily They sponsored by the trip abroad for conferences. I attended the Nordic APIs Platform Summit, an amazing world of APIs. The crowd had developers from BBC, research scholars, policymakers from innovative firms, etc.

I have just stepped down from FactorDaily a few months back, started to work on my own project of taking cultural workshops to Indian cities. All my savings went into the multipurpose Bamboo Guest House we were building. When I received the email, it was my wife, Anuradha who suggested try crowdfunding.

So here, I am trying it out. If I get to attend the conference, I shall update this post with more information and my notes from the conference. 🙂

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