July 16, 2018

Papers and Proposals

I too write sometimes. Mostly papers or proposals. Let me try to make a collection here. (This might take a few years since I seldom find the time to revisit here. )


Learning in the time of outsourcing: Presentation at the Multiversity Conference, University of Nottingham, Malaysia

We try to figure things out instinctually. However, right from kindergarten the system systematically castrates us of this great ability that has made all the advancement we see today possible. After removing our learning instincts, the institutions play the middleman between us and knowledge.

Read the entire presentation here: Learning in the time of Outsourcing



There are many out there who want to help me in rebuilding Sarang. Some of them ask for a proposal. Sometimes I try to convince agencies to support a good cause. I have been doing this routinely for around 20 years. For one reason or the other, none have been progressed beyond the proposal stage. Putting them out here for those who want to read.  You would at least get a glimpse of what I am trying to achieve.  After all, it took some effort from my part to create these documents. They might as well get some readers! 🙂

SGP WWF 2016 Proposal from Gautham Sarang